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How to Get Focused and Motivated When You’re Feeling Low

March 20, 2018


Remember our friend Chris Cook? Yes, we know that's not him in the picture (it's been a while but yikes, not that long). Anyway, we thought it would be as good a time as any to check in with him. Here's an article from his website that explains... well, you read the title of this post. So on with it!


Undoubtedly, we all hit patches in life in which we feel completely drained, unfocused, and lacking motivation. Maybe for you it’s a mundane job, monotonous classes, or the general sense of a purpose-less daily life. Worse yet, maybe you’re in a relationship that is in dire need of resuscitation. In either case, when this happens, our momentum gets squashed. And when our momentum runs dry, so does our motivation—for much of anything.

So the question begs how do we get focused? How do we get motivated again…especially when we’re feeling low? Allow me to illustrate with a personal example. <Click to continue reading>

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