A taste of independence

By Joel Feick

Inclusive kitchen classes from The Disability Network are timely ahead of biggest kitchen week of the year

Inside the Flint Farmers Market, 2 great-grandmothers sat side by side in wheelchairs listening. And occasionally eating.

They are part of an Adaptive Kitchen class, taught by TDN’s Carrie Gerdeman.

This is a 4-week class with senior citizens with disabilities.

The women, 80 year old Peggy Sexton and 82 year old Dalia Albiar, are among a group participating in the class. Although Albair is best known for her tamales, she says she enjoyed the class and learned a few things from Carrie.

It Included the use of an adaptive potato-peeler. Each participated in making their own food creation. On this day it was panini sandwiches and grilled vegetables.

Gerdeman says “we will be using remainder of grant funds from the Community Foundation to create our adaptive kitchen and cooking program in the new building. We will be using any donated funds for purchase of food and staff for expansion of the adaptive cooking program”.

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