Updated June 15, 2020
As we monitor information from health officials, we recognize that we all have a role in keeping our community safe and slow the spread of COVID-19 to help protect people at high risk for complications.  

  • TDN offices will be closed to the public for drop-in, face-to-face and group services and meetings

  • TDN staff members will continue to work remotely and provide services by phone, email & social media


Customers and community members needing assistance are encouraged to contact TDN by phone at 810-742-1800, email at tdn@disnetwork.org and through social media. 


We will continue to monitor guidance from health officials over the next few weeks and continue to send updates through media, social media and our mailing list. 

For more news and updates: 

For many in the disability community, there’s a higher risk of severe illness or death from #COVID19. Social distancing is also difficult because it’s hard to self-isolate. As a result, Flint’s Eric Thomas was forced to move in with his caregiver.

How can you get the resources you need right now in the Flint area to navigate the COVID-19 crisis?  On weekdays, the staff of the Disability Network is on the job to help you with everything from job placement to counseling. When people call, they are usually referred to one woman…

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The Disability Network (TDN) is a nonprofit center for independent living that partners with people with disabilities so they can live as independently in the community as possible. Since 1992, TDN has worked with thousands of individuals in the areas of independent living skills development, information and referral, peer counseling, youth and adult transitional living and advocacy. Our goal is to connect you with a world where everyone is valued by working with the community to make it more inclusive and accessible.

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