Independent Living


Empowerment Training 
  • On My Own
  • Transportation Training
  • Money Management


Assistive Technology Program:  This program is designed to enhance access and knowledge of available assistive technology options for enhanced independence.  We provide Assistive Technology evaluations, demonstrations, and trainings
Group and Individual Counseling Services:   Professional peer counseling with focus on assisting individuals in exploring feelings, barriers and goals related to disability and independent living goals.  Both group and individual counseling is available. 
  • Empowerment Women’s Group-
Person-Centered Planning Facilitation Program:  Independent Facilitation of Person Centered Planning Meeting is provided by trained facilitators upon request. 




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Just like our staff, our volunteers strive to improve the lives of others. We need volunteers to assist in a variety of ways, such as assist in social events like ADA Day Celebration Picnic and Holiday Party.